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How do I choose between Dish Network and DirecTV?
This is a frequently asked question, but a worthy one to consider.  Both satellite companies have their advantages and you as a consumer must choose which company best meets your current satellite needs.  We are happy to assist you further with making a decision easier, but it is best to contact us directly to give you the full perspective of what each is presently offering for their customers.

Won't I get better service if I just call Dish Network or DirecTV directly?
Unfortunately, this is a misconception that some people have.  We as the local retailer provider are familiar with your area and can provide superior technical service and support as well.  If we service your satellite needs, that's just it...we Service Your won't ever have to call outside your local calling area for service.  We will take care of your installation professionally and we pride ourselves on our ongoing customer support that we offer.  Read up on what some of our customers are saying on our Testimonial Page.

How do I actually save money by purchasing my new TV through Central Satellite Services LLC?
First, we only prefer to sell Sony TVs, high-definition or plasma screens.  They have a very reputable company and TV manufacturing quality that is superior to other lesser name brands.  We save you money by offering you an already unbeatable price compared to our competitors, but also will deliver your new TV, and install your TV/surround sound/ satellite equipment for the one quoted TV sale price.  This is a huge money saver versus having to purchase your TV and/ load and unload/and install yourself.

What kind of satellite and television parts to do you sell?
We typically carry any kind of remote that you need for satellite TVs, connectors, cable, antennas, adapters, LNBFs, modulators, tripods...etc.  If you are looking for a certain accessory, give us a call and we will let you know if it is available or able to be ordered.

Why do you sell health related products?
We do sell some non-satellite products, mostly health related items.  These are the products we like and use due to their outstanding health benefits.  If you have any questions choosing which product is best for you, we would be happy to offer any assistance we can.  Now, these products can be found on our site Healthy Radiant Living LLC, featuring the same great sales and support your accustomed to with Central Satellite Services.

Call today!!  (864) 506-4053